Monday, July 10, 2017

How to check your PF balance online with simple steps

EPFO had started the facility to check the PF balance online using simple steps. This service will enable around 5 crores users to check their PF balance online on real time basis.

Below are the five simple steps for checking the PF balance online -

1. Visit the EPFO website.

2. Now click e-Passbook button on top left side or menu Services - For Employees - Member Passbook

3. Login using your UAN Number and Password to view your EPF balance.

How to reset or change UAN password - Forgot EPF password

If you have not generated your passbook already then you may need to wait at least 4 days after registering. You will get below message when click on View Passbook button.

Your request is in queue.Passbook will be available after 04 Days of registration.

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  1. Receiving error "Enter Valid Password." while trying to set new password as per steps provided in above article. Please advice.

    1. Your new password should contain:
      1) Minimum 7 characters
      2) Atleast one Capital and one Small letter
      3) Atleast one Special character
      4) Minimum 4 alphabets
      5) Minimum 2 digits
      6) Max length of password should be 20


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