Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Different ways to start and stop Microsoft Sql Server services

Sometimes it happens that we are unable to connect sql server through Sql Server Management Studio or our application is not connecting to database This might occur because Sql Server services are stopped at our machine. Sometimes we also in need to restart the services to opitimize the PC.

There are multiple ways to start/stop sql server services Like-

Start - All Programs Menu

Navigate to All Programs - Microsoft Sql Server [version] - Configuration Tools - Sql Server Configuration Manager and start/stop the respective sql server services.

Start/Stop sql server through Sql Server Management Studio

Connect Sql server through Sql Server Management Studio and right click sql instance and select start/stop/restart/pause etc.

Start/Stop sql server through command

Type "SQLServerManager[version].msc" on windows search or in Run command, Then press enter to open Sql Server Configuration Manager. Start/Stop the respective service as per your need.

Note :- SQLServerManager12.msc is for Sql Server 2014 and SQLServerManager13.msc is for Sql Server 2016. You can change the version as per the Sql Server version installed on your PC.

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