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How to change boarding point station for Indian Railway ticket

When we travel through Indian Railway, Sometimes we need to board the train from some other station instead of ealier plan.As per the Indian Railway current rule, if a person is not found occupying the seat within the next stop then Ticket Checker has the authority to assign the seat to a new passenger. So if that scenario happens then we will loose our seat. So, better to plan your boarding point before 24 hours of the scheduled departure of train to save our seat.

One can follow below simple steps to change the boarding point station -

For ticket booked through IRCTC

1. Login to IRCTC website through your credentials.
2. Click on "Booked Ticket History (New)" link available at the right side.
3. Select the radio button avaiable beside the ticket you woul like to modify boarding point.
4. Click on "change Boarding Point" button.
5. Now select New Boarding Station from the list.
6. Click on "change Boarding Point" button to complete your request.

For Indian railway counter ticket

Submit an application in writing at the station from where the ticket is purchased and reservation made atleast 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the train from the starting station.

As per the current Indian railway rule Boarding station can be changed before 24 hours of the scheduled departure of train.

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