Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How to cancel a train ticket by dialing Indian Railway number 139

As of now, If we need to cancel a train ticket then we have to visit the nearest railway ticket counter. This was not a flexible option as often passengers face problems to reach the nearest ticket counter to cancel the ticket within the stipulated time. That results to curb the pocket of passengers as cancellation charges are already increased by Indian Railway to almost double.

As of now to cancel the ticket, passengers need to visit the nearest ticket counter within 2 hours of train departure. This was really unfair for the passengers as reaching the counter within 2 hours was not always possible.

To resolve the above problems Indian Railway is starting a service to initiate the refund by simply dialing the Indian Railway number 139. So, passengers can dial the number 139 and will provide the ticket detail to initiate the refund.

One can follow the below simple steps to cancel a train ticket through Indian Railway number 139.

- Call to the number 139 and provide the ticket details to initiate the cancellation process.
- Passengers will get a one time password (OTP) on their registered mobile number.
- Now, passengers can reach the nearest Indian Railway ticket counter anytime on the same day to claim the refund.

This new initiative by Indian Railway will save the passenger's money and will also reduce the last mintue hassles to rush the nearest ticket counter within the 2 hours of departure of the train.

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