Saturday, February 6, 2016

How to update nominee for PF account online

Employees' Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) provide facility for PF account holders to update their nomination details online. One can use below simple steps to update the nomination details -

1. Login on EPFO website using your UAN number and password.

If you do not have the login credentials then visit below link to create the same.

How to create login credentials for PF account or UAN activation

2. Click on Profile - Edit Nomination Detail.

3. Update your family member details. First add the person to whom you would like to make nominee. Now after submission follow steps 4,5 and 5 to complete the nomination.


- Enter family member's name
- Gender
- Relationship with you
- Date of Birth
- KYC (select a document)
- Enter document number like- PAN number, Voter ID etc.

Click Submit

4. Update section PF/EDLI NOMINEE DETAILS Part -A(EPF).

Now you will find that some of the information automatically filled in this section from family members. Just provide the percentage of amount to be received by each nominee and click Submit. Like- You can enter 100 if only one nominee or if multiple nominee then you can enter the share percentage you would like to allocate.

5. Click on "Generate PDF".

6. Now, check "I have read and understood..." and click on Submit to Employer for Approval.

Same will be reflected once your employer will approve the nomination.

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