Saturday, February 6, 2016

How to create login credentials for your PF account or UAN activation

1. Visit EPFO Website

2. Click on Know your UAN Status link or visit the below URL to proceed.

3. Select the State from the list where your PF office is located and then actual PF office location.

4. Fill PF account number section Like- If your PF account number is DL/12345/6789 then

In the Est Code, enter seven digits. As the set of number has only 5 digits-12345,Just add 00 before this.

In the A/c no, fill your PF account number 6789 and click on Check Statusbutton.

5. In next form, enter your name, Mobile number,date of birth,your choice of passwords and other required informations.

Click GET PIN, You will receive a authorization PIN on mobile you have entered above. Enter this PIN in Enter AUthorization PIN textbox and click on Submit.

6. Now, Your UAN number will be displayed. You you can login to EPFO website - using your UAN number and the password you have created above.

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