Saturday, February 13, 2016

Indane gas refill booking,order history, bank account seeding,preferred time delivery through mobile app

Indane gas had launched a mobile app that provides multiple useful features to customers including refill booking, order history, bank account seeding, preferred time delivery, mechanic services etc.

One can book Indane gas refill, check order history,preferred time delivery, mechanic services and bank account seeding through Indane gas mobile app using below simple steps -

First download Indane Gas mobile app through Google play store by searching Indane Gas keyword.

Note - Make sure to download the app by Indian Oil Corporation Limited.

Login to this app using your username and password.

Refill booking

Click on LPG Refill Order and then Order Now button to confirm your booking.

Immediately you will get a reference number for your booking.

Refill booking history

Click on Refill Order History to view order history for one year.

Bank Account Seeding

Click on Bank account Seeding and provide bank information and submit the details.

Rate Distributor

Click on Rate Distributor link and provide feedback on Timely Delivery, Correct Rate, Correct Weight, Courteousness, Overall Experience and submit the same.

Preferred Time Delivery

Click on Preferred Time Delivery ,select Weekday ,Time slots and click submit.

Mechanic Service

Click on Mechanic Service and then Order Now.

Mechanic Service

Click on Mechanic Service and then Order Now.

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