Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Resolved - Resharper shortcuts not working with Visual Studio 2015

After installing visual studio 2015 and resharper ultimate, Sometimes we realise that resharper shortcuts are not working.

We can fix this resharper shortcuts issues using the below steps -

1. Navigate to Visual Studio 2015 Keyboard settings .

VS 2015 -> Tools -> Options -> Keyboard

2. Reset default visual studio keyboard setting using "Reset" button.

3. Now, Restart visual studio to reflect above step.

4. Navigate to Resharper Keyboard settings -

VS 2015 -> ReSharper -> Options -> Keyboard & Menus

From Keyboard Shortcuts scheme select "Visual Studio" options.

5. Now restart visual studio again, You will be able to use resharper ultimate shortcuts in visual studio 2015.

You may try Ctrl + T to navigate to Everything/Types. Enjoy:)

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