Saturday, October 24, 2015

How to import excel sheet data to Sql Server tables with Sql Server Management Studio

We can easily import the excel sheet data to sql server table with Microsoft Sql Server Management Studio using the below steps -

1. Open Sql Server Management Studio.

2. Select the database where you want to import your excel sheet data.

3. Right Click -> Tasks -> Import Data..

4. Click Next to proceed.

5. Select "Data Source" for source type i.e. - Microsoft Excel,Browse excel file, Choose Excel version and Click Next.

6. Select Destination data source, enter username/password for Sql server, choose the destination data source and click Next.

7. Select option 1 from next screen i.e. - copy data from one or more tables or views.

8. In next screen, select the excel sheet and destination table. By default it adds a table with same name as excel sheet, You can opt to choose existing table.

You can also double click on mapping row to change the mapping -

Click next to further proceeed.

9. Select "Run immediately" , click next and then Finish button to proceed with the data transfer.

Finally you will get the success/fail message after the task completion.

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