Sunday, September 20, 2015

How to identify fake currency notes - two more security features on your banknotes

To overcome the issue related to fake currency notes, RBI had added two more security features on your banknotes. One can easily see or feel these security features to get rid of fake currency notes.

New Numbering Pattern

RBI has increased numbers in both the number panels will increase in size from left to right.

Easy to identify markings for Visually Impaired people

Angular bleed lines on both left and right of the front side of the bank notes -

- 4 notes in ₹ 100.
- 5 lines in ₹ 400.
- 6 lines in ₹ 1000 denominations

Bigger identification mark mark for each notes -

- Triangle in ₹ 100 currency note.
- Circle in ₹ 500 currency note.
- Diamond in ₹ 1000 currency notes.

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