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How to check or track flight status online - online flight tracking

Sometimes we find very difficult to check the status of any flights, We do call to customer care to check when flight departed and when it will arrive at destination airport.

But we do not know that multiple websites/airlines are providing real time flight tracking. We can easily track the status of International and domestic flights online. For international flights multiple outside airlines are already providing the features but for domestic flights this is new service and most of the airlines from the domestic list like- Indigo, Go Air, Indian Airlines, SpiceJet, Jet Airways , Air India,Vistara, Air Asia had started the service.

We can track the flight status online by either visiting the respective airline website or we can track the same through some third party websites that are already providing the service on common platform.

If we want to check the flight status online through airline website, We can visit their website and enter the flight number and date to check the latest information. Like- If we are looking for Indigo airline flight number 6E - 274 from Kolkata to New Delhi for 09-July-2015 -

Step 1 - Visit Indigo website -
Step 2 - Click on "Flight Status " button and enter Departing/Starting airport and dates to get the status.


Visit and enter Departing/Arriving airport, date, enter flight number and click on Search Flight button to get the flight details. Now follow the steps mentioned here -

To get online flight status for every airlines on a single platform just visit below websites -

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