Saturday, June 13, 2015

Check or View the status of FIR online | Delhi Police print FIR online

Delhi Police provides service to the citizens to view their status of FIR onlie. One can view the FIR details and take print out of the FIR through Internet.

Below are the simple steps to view the FIR online filed with Delhi Police -

1. Visit Delhi Police website and click on "View FIRs" button located on right side OR You can click on "CLICK HERE TO VIEW FIR STATUS" link available to the end of this blog.

2. Select the below details -

- District where FIR lodging police stgation comes
- Police station where FIR lodged
- FIR Number and Year, FIR Date

You can also enter the accused/Victim/Complainant name if you do not remember the FIR number

3. Now click on the Search button to search FIRs based on above criteria.

4. Now, Click on small button available in View column beside the FIR.

5. Click on Print button to print the same.


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