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SBI quick missed call and SMS banking - State bank of india missed call and SMS banking

State Bank of India is the largest bank in India that always provides cutting-edge services to their customers. Recently State Bank of India had started Missed Call Banking service to their customers for quick and easy access to their bank account.

Below are some of the important services that State Bank of India customers can avail by simply giving a miss call or SMS to state bank of India numbers.

Register for State Bank of India Missed call banking

SMS, REG [account number] to the number 09223488888 from your registered mobile number.

e.g. REG 12345678901

Confirmation message will be received that will indicate whether your request is successfull/unsuccessfull.

State Bank of India - Balance Enquiry through Missed call/SMS

Give a Missed Call or send an SMS BAL to the number 09223766666

State Bank of India - Mini Statement through Missed call/SMS

You can get last 5 transactions on details on your account.

Give a Missed Call or send an SMS MSTMT to the number 09223866666

State Bank of India - Blocking of ATM Card through SMS

Send a SMS BLOCK 'XXXX' to 567676

(XXXX represents last 4 digit of the card number).

ATM Card can also be blocked through the following means:

By calling State Bank Call Centre.
By visiting any nearest State Bank of India Branch
By logging on to State Bank of India online banking

State Bank of India - Loan Enquiry through Missed Call/SMS

SMS HOME or CAR to the number 09223588888.

State Bank of India - De-Registration through Missed Call/SMS

SMS DREG Account Number to 09223488888

Note:- There might be some charges apply on above services. Please read below details for the same.
For 6 digit number i.e. 567676 premium charges will apply.
For 10 digit numbers, SMS charges will be as per your mobile bill plan.
For Missed Call, there is no charge. If you listen to IVR of 3 seconds which will be played after 4-5 rings, then you will be charged as per your mobile bill plan for 3 seconds.

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