Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How to update Aadhaar Card number with ICICI Bank account

ICICI Bank provides very good feature to update the Aadhaar card online easily.

One can update their Aadhaar number with ICICI Bank account using below simple steps -

1. Login to your ICICI Bank account using your login credentials on ICICI Bank website.

2. Click on Service Requests sub menu available in Customer Service menu.

3. Enter "Aadhaar" in service request description textbox and click anywhere outside of this textbox.

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Now a link will be displayed as Request updating Aadhaar number in Savings Account in Service request search result section.
Click on this link.

4. Now, select your account number, enter Aadhaar card number , mobile number and email id.

Click on submit button.

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5. Now, Verify the entered data and provide verification code if you are using ICICI Bank grid card and click submit for final submission.

6. You will get the confirmation message with service request number and date by which your request will be processed.

In future, You can track your service request by providing the service request number. Enjoy:)

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