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How to transfer PF amount from one company to another

We can easily transfer our PF amount from previous employer to new employer using below steps –

1.     Download and take print out of PF Transfer Form - FORM 13 (REVISED).
Note:- You may take print out of page number 3 and 4 only (available in english).

2.      Fill the PF office details where you want to submit the form. 
      You may either submit to old PF office(where your previous account available) or new PF office (where your current PF account available).

Fill below personal details in Part A (Personal Information section).

·         Name *
·         Father’s/Husband’s Name *
·         Mobile Number 
·         Email

3.     Fill previous account details in Part B section – <!--more-->

·         PF Account Number *
·         Name and Address of the previous employer*
·         PF Account is held by: (Name of EPF Office/ PF Trust)  *
·         Date of Birth *
·         Date of joining * (with previous employer)
·         Date of leaving *

4.      Fill details of present account in Part C section –

·         PF Account No *
·         Name and Address of the present employer *
·         Account is held by: (Name of EPF Office / PF Trust) *
·         Date of joining  * (with current employer)
·         Name of Trust (to whom funds are to be paid in case of present establishment being exempted under EPF Scheme, 1952) – if applicable
·         Employee code under the Trust  (if applicable)
·         Do your Signature with date

5.     Attestation of form- You have the  option to get the PF Transfer  form attested by present or previous employer.

      Now, You can submit this form to respective PF office. 

      Note:- Please also read instructions/guidelines available at bottom of this page. You can ask to your present employer for if applicable items.

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