Friday, September 5, 2014

HDFC Bank - How to reset visa verified password or master card secure code for your debit or credit card

As now a days most of the people are using OTP(one time password) for every transaction, So recalling the visa verified password for every card if you are not using this frequently is a big task :).

Although It is advisable to use the OTP for every transaction for security reasons, but for some of the transactions where every second is important like- IRCTC tatkal ticket booking etc.. In this case waiting for One Time Password (OTP) may consume more times and we will not be able to get the confirm ticket. So, We require the visa verified password to complete the transaction quickly.

So, Do not worry if you forgot your visa verified or master card secured password for your HDFC credit/debit card. Follow the below steps to reset your Mastercard securecode or visa verified password-

1. Visit this HDFC Bank website -

2. On Login section, select the Verified by Visa/Master Card secure code and click on Login button.

3. In next page, Click Continue button.

4. Now, click on "Reset Password" link available on left side.

5. Enter your card number and expiry date and click on "Submit" button.

6. Now, Enter your Date of Birth & Card CVV Number OR Card PIN Number.

7. Enter your Mobile Number and Email Id.

8. Click on submit button. Now you will get the OTP on your mobile and email id.

9. Enter the received OTP in next screen and You will get the option to reset your Master Card secure code or Visa verfiied password.

You can use the new password for further transactions instead of OTP.

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