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How to get Aadhaar Card on Mobile - Get your Aadhaar Card on mobile

When we apply for the Aadhaar Card it takes more than a month to get the Aadhaar Card at our address. Actually Aadhaar Card being generated in 1-2 week time period, but dispatching to the address takes little more time. So, Better to get the Aadhaar Card from the UIDAI on our mobile by entering the receipt number.

Below are the steps to getting the Aadhaar Card on mobile -

1. Visit UIDAI Website

2. Click on Get Aadhaar menu available at top of website.

3. Now click on Get Aadhaar on Mobile button available at middle of website -

4. In Enrolment Number/Aadhaar Number section enter your 14 digit Enrollment Number & 14-digit date and time of enrollment that is given on your Aadhaar Card receipt -

In first box enter receipt number(it contains 14-digit in 3 sections like - 1111/11111/11111).

In second box enter Date & time given in receipt (Something like - 16/08/2014 10.52.57).

5. Enter your mobile number that you given on time of applying the Aadhaar Card.

6. Enter Security Code available on displayed image.

7. Click on Get OTP button.

Now you will receive the OTP on your mobile.

Enter the received OTP on respective box and enter the security code as displayed.

8. Click on Submit button to receive your Aadhaar Card on your mobile.:)

You can view the same by entering your area Pin Code as password.

Before taking print out or using anywhere make sure that Digital Signature is verified for your Aadhaar card.

Click Here to know How to validate the Digital Signature for your Aadhaar Card

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