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How to stop cheque payment request online in ICICI Bank

Below are the steps for stop cheque payment online if you are a ICICI Bank account holder -

1. Visit the ICICI Bank website -

2. Click on "Personal" link available at Internet Banking section.

3. Click on "Continue to Login" button available in next page.

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4. Now enter your User ID and Password for login to ICICI Bank Internet Banking.

For security reason, Try to use virtual keypad for entering the password.

Note:- Make sure to check if you are logging on correct website, Before logging check if "https" displayed in URL and lock icon displayed on ICICI Bank at URL.

5. Click on "Customer Service" link available on top(right-side) menu of next page.

6. Click on "Bank Accounts" sub link available below the "Features" links in left side.

7. Now, click on Stop Payment Request link.

8. In next page. select your account number, enter cheque number and remarks.

Click on "Stop Cheque" button.

9. Enter your transaction password in next screen and click on "OK" button to submit your request.

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  1. Thanks for the useful information Manish !!

  2. Good job Manish. Simple and straightforward. Thanks

  3. Nice and Clear Information. Thank u

  4. Thank you Manish. Is it possible to activate back the stopped cheques?

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  6. Hi Manish!

    DO you know if there are any charges levied for stopping Cheque Payments?

    1. Rs 50 per cheque and Rs 100 for range of cheques covered in single mandate.

      NO CHARGE is levied if stop payment request is made through Internet Banking and Customer care (IVR).


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