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How to start the SMS alerts for your SBI account online - State Bank of India

State Bank of India

State Bank of India provides a very good feature for starting the SMS alerts online. We can follow the below steps for starting the SMS alerts online in State Bank of India -

1. Visit the State Bank of India Internet Banking Website -

2. Click on Login button besides the Personal Banking section.

3. Next page will be displayed -

Read the instructions and click on Continue to Login button.

4. Enter your Internet Banking username and password.

Click on Login button for Login to this website.

Note:- For security purpose, Please use virtual keypad for entering your password.

5. Now, click on e-Service top menu available in the next page.

6. Click on SMS Alerts sub menu available on left side under Standing Instruction section.

7. Select your account for which you want to activate the SMS alerts.

Now, click on Proceed button.

8. Next page will be displayed for SMS Alert Registration/Updation.

Select the below options for your choice of alerts (Yes/No) -

- Request for cheque stop
- Debit card purchases
- Cheque Book issue alerts
- Cheque dishonoured alers
- Hold on account
- Remove hold on account balance

Set the limit for alerts for account debit/credit and minimum balance.

Now, click on Submit/Update button for submitting the request.

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