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How to surrender Birla Sunlife Policy - steps to cancel the Birla Sunlife policy

Generally We invest the money in market for achieving our long term goal and it always good to continue the policies long term in the market to get the good returns.

But sometimes it happens that we are in urgent need of some funds or somehow we are not satisfied with the policy and we had taken the decision to surrender the policy. In this case we need to go through the entire surrender process defined by the policy institution.

Below are the steps for surrendering the Birla Sunlife policy if your policy had completed the locking period defined in the policy documents.

Note:- This article is not intended for suggesting anyone to cancel or surrender the policy. The intention of this article is to educate people for knowing the steps for surrendering or cancelling the policy.

1. Carry the policy original document, a cancelled cheque of your name , an ID proof and a revenue stamp and visit the nearest Birla Sunlife branch.

2. Ask about the current fund value of your policy and take the decision after consulting to your fund manager.

3. Take a Policy surrender or cancellation form and fill the below details.

Policy Holder name,date,contact details , policy number, reason for surrendering ,signature of policy holder.

Affix a revenue stamp and sign across it.

Witness name, signature.

4. Submit the all documents to the branch.

policy original document
Filled surrender form
policy holder's Id proof with signature
A cancelled cheque on which your name and account number printed.

5. Within 7-days of submission amount will be credited to your account if everything is fine.

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  2. Do we need to take witness with us ? why witness details are to be filled in ?

    1. No need to take witness with you, They just need their signature and name.

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