Saturday, March 1, 2014

How to order for refill through online - Indane Gas | Indane Gas online refill booking

You can easily order for refill booking online if you have Indane Gas connection. Below are the steps for online refill booking through Indane -

1. Visit the Indane Gas Website -

2. Login to Indane Gas website by entering your username/password in Consumer Login section available at top of website.

3. Click on "Order Now" icons available in middle section of website.

4. In Next screen select the LPG Refill(Domestic) & verify your details like - Mobile number and email.

Click on "LPG Refill" button.

5. Next screen will be displayed that will displayed the order confirmation in below format -

6. Your refill will be delivered within the stipulated time by your agency. Enjoy:)

You can check your order history by below simple steps -

1. Login through your username/password.

2. Click on "Order History" icon available on middle section.

3. See the "Pending Refill Booking History" and "Accepted Refill Booking History" tabs for details.

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