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How to generate Transaction Password online in Central Bank of India

Central Bank of India is one of the re-known Bank in India. Below are the steps for generating transaction password online if you are holding account with Central Bank of India -

1. Visit the Central Bank Website -

2. Click on Personal button available in the Login section.

3. Now, Click on the "Please click here to proceed" button.

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4. Enter your user ID and Login password and then click on Login button.

5. Go to the Main Menu (available on left side) and Click on "Options" menu.

6. Now, click on "Transaction Password Generation" sub menu.

7. Enter your username, Mobile number and enter the details of grid card asked for verification.

8. Click on "Generate" button. OTP for generating transaction password will be sent to your registered mobile number.

10. Call to the Central Bank of India toll free number 1800 200 1911 for activating your Transaction Password.

11. Now, Login to your account again (by going through the steps 1 to 5).

12. You can change your transaction password by clicking on "Change Txn Password" sub menu. Enjoy:)

Note:- For security reason, Please ensure that your Login and Transaction passwords are different.

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