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Register for Voter Card in Haryana - online voter registration in Haryana

As we remember, In the past there was a voter camp going in each village for the voter registration. There were long queues and we need to spend around a full day to get registered for the Voter card.

As the technologies growing fast & people are using the internet now a days. Government agencies are paying attention to these things and providing the good features to make these process faster and easy for every citizens by creating the websites for every states for voter registration, searching the name in the voter list, checking the status of the registration etc.

Below are the steps for applying the Voter Card online if you are residing in Haryana -

1. Visit the Haryana Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) website -

2. Click the link Online Voter Registration avaiable in middle of the website.

3. Now click the link "Click to register online".

4. Now select the "Citizen" option and Click on "Login" button.

5. Click on the "New User Registration" link and enter your mobile number & email address.

Soon you will get a verification code on your mobile, Now enter this verification code and click on "verify" button.

6. Next screen will be displayed.

Now enter your first name, last name,Gender, complete address,city , town ,state ,district and password(new password that you want).

Click on "Submit" button.

7. Now confirmation screen will be displayed.

Click on "Ok, register me" button if your details are correct.

8. Now next screen will be displayed -

Enter your State, District, select "Epic and electoral roll" in subject, Enter some brief description that - i would like to register for voter card.

Click on the "Proceed" button for further processing.

Soon concerned person will contact you for the voter registration.

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