Friday, February 14, 2014

Complain for unwanted SMS or calls in DND - Do not disturb service complain

Now a days we are getting a lot of SMS from different companies.. Maximum people had same complain the they are getting a lot of unwanted SMS even they had activated the DND or DO not Disturb service.

In this case we can complain to the respective authority by sending SMS to the number 1909.This complained are directly handled by your service provider. We need to send the SMS in below format to the toll free number 1909.

COMP TEL NO XXXXXXXXXX;dd/mm/yy;hh:mm;short description

Note:- Here xxxxxxxxxx is the number against you are raising the complain. Type sender code in case of Bulk sender like - LM-ICICIB.
next two are the dates and time in 24-hour format when you got the unwanted SMS.

At the end of the message type the short description regarding you got the SMS or call.

For example - COMP TEL NO 9000000000;29/01/11;15:35;My Bank about the home loan or

COMP TEL NO LM-ABC;29/01/11;15:35;ABC about the health insurance

You can also call to the number 1909 and follow the instruction for the complain instead of sending the SMS.

We can also check the Complain Status by calling to the number 1909.

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