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How to start or stop the DND or Do Not Disturb Service on Mobile

As new companies are growing in the market,Everyone is getting a lot of unwanted calls and SMS that creates frustration over the time. Like- If we are in some important meetings or important work and someone called us for the offer of Credit Cards, Personal Loan etc, This creates disturbance and over the time we really get frustrated by these unwanted calls.

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But now no need to worry as Indian Government directed to the telephone companies to provide the Do Not Disturb Service to the customers if they are requesting it.If someone activates the DND service then their number get registered to the Do Not Call registry in India. So, we can easily overcome from the above problems by activating the Do Not Disturb or DND Service on our number.

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One can start the DND or Do Not Disturb Service on their number by sending the below message from their number-


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Here 0 indicates that you want to stop all the unwanted categories of calls.

Optionally you can stop the unwanted calls or SMS by the category, Here is the list of available categories -

0 - All Categories
1 - Banking/insurance/credit cards/financial products
2 - Real State
3 - Education
4 - Health
5 - Consumer Goods & Automobile categories
6 - Communication/IT/Entertainment
7 - Tourism & Leisure

Like- If you want to get all unwanted SMS or calls excepting "Health" (means to stop health related unwanted calls/SMS only) then Send below SMS to 1909.


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Same way one can deactivate the DND service by sending the below SMS to the number 1909.

STOP 0 or STOP <category name>

You can also START or STOP the DND Service by calling to the number 1909.

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