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ICICI Bank SMS Banking - Book your train ticket by sending a simple SMS

ICICI Bank is one of the best bank across the country. ICICI Bank always tried to provide the best services to their customers.

ICICI Bank had started the SMS Banking services in country before 1-2 years and already added number of services in this feature. In addition to the existing services recently ICICI Bank had added one more service in the list for Booking the train tickets by sending a simple SMS.

One can book their train ticket by sending SMS to the Indian Railway number 139 from their registered mobile number(Same Mobile Number should be registered in IRCTC and ICICI Bank).

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One can book their train tickets in below simple two steps process -

1. Send SMS for booking.

BOOK <space> Train Number <space> From Station <space>
To Station <space>Travel Date (DDMM) <space> Class <space>
Passenger 1 - Name <space> Age <space> Gender <space>
Passenger 2 - Name <space> Age <space> Gender <space>
Passenger 2 - Name <space> Age <space> Gender <space> ICICI

For example -

If you want to book the tickets of Train No. 22557 from Anand Vihar Terminal (ANVT) to Muzaffarpur (MFP) in Sleepr (SL) for journey date 25th January with Ashok (age - 28), Aparna (age - 25) and Amit (age - 26) as passengers, Then please send the below SMS to the number 139:

BOOK 22557 ANVT MFP 2501 SL Ashok 28 M Aparna 25 F Amit 26 M ICICI

After booking confirmation you will get the SMS with following details -

Transaction ID
Ticket Amount
IRCTC Service Charge
Total Amount
Seat Availability

For Exanple

Trans Id : 123456778 Ticket Amount : 1700.0 IRCTC SC : 60.24 Total Amount : 1760.24 Seat : Available - 0133

2. Send SMS for payment

PAY <space> Transaction ID received <space> ICICI <space>
Last 6-digits of your ICICI Bank Account Number <space> IRCTC User ID

For example -

If you want to pay for above transaction ID 123456778 and the last six digits of your ICICI Bank account number is 123456, send the following SMS to 139:

PAY 123456778 ICICI 123456 AMIT165

On the receipt of the above details, you will get a confirmation message as following:

PNR:2821344907,TRAIN:22557,DOJ:25-01-2014,TIME:12:30,SL,ANVT TO MFP,CUSTOMER,FARE:1700,SC:60.24+PG CHGS.Catering comp no.1800-111-321

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