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How to download the e-Passbook of your PF account online

Employees Provident Fund Organization(EPFO) of India had started a very good service for their customers to download the e-Passbook of the PF account online.

PF account holders can view the details of the PF contribution (including PF transfers, if any) and PF account balance through the e-Passbook.

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For downloading the PF account e-Passbook online, Account holders need to register on the EPFO website.

By registering on EPFO website, account holders can get the following advantages -

- View EPF Account Passbook online

- Use any of ID details to log in

- View all the accounts at a single place

- Get SMS when e-Passbook is available

Below are the steps for registering/downloading the e-Passbook from the EPFO website –

1. Visit the EPFO Website -

2. Select the link “ Member Portal (Download your E-Passbook)"

3. Visit the Login section available on top-right corner and enter the following details.

Choose one of below documents from the list –

PAN Number

Aadhar (UID)

National Population Register

Bank Account Number

Voter ID Card

Driving License

Passport Number

Ration Card Number

Enter the document number like- PAN Number etc.

Enter your Mobile Number

Now, click the link “Click Here to Register”.

4. Next screen will be displayed

Enter your Mobile Number,Date of Birth,Select the document , enter the document number , enter the name on document and your Email Address.

Now, Type the character in textbox shown as image.

Click on “GET PIN” button to get the PIN number on your Mobile.

Now, check the checkbox “I agree” and enter the Pin you got on your Mobile.

Now, Click on the “Submit” button .

5. Next screen will be displayed. Now click on the “Please click here to continue further.” Link available on this page.

6. From the next screen Click on the “Download E-Passbook” menu and then “Download E-Passbook” sub menu.

Now, Select the State where your PF office available.

7. From the next screen, select your EPFO office link.

8. Next screen will be displayed –

Enter your PF account number in the displayed textboxes.

For example – If your PF account number is DL/12345/678 then enter 0012345 in first text box and enter 678 in 3rd textbox.

Type the character shown in the displayed image.

Click on “GET PIN” button to get the Pin on your Mobile.

Check the checkbox “I Agree” and enter authorization PIN you got on your Mobile.

Now, click on “Get Detail” button.

9. From the next screen,Click the link to download your PF account E-Passbook.

Kindly click the link and open your Passbook (it may take 3-4 days’ time to ready your passbook, once it is ready you will receive a message from PF office then you can view your passbook by logging into the same site).

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