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How to check your PF balance online in five simple steps

In September 2013, EPFO had started the facility to check the PF balance online using simple steps. This service will enable around 5 crores users to check their PF balance online on real time basis.

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Below are the five simple steps for checking the PF balance online -

1. Visit the EPFO website.

2. Now click on the link "Check Your EPF balance" available on EPFO website.

3. Select the State from the list where your PF office is available.

4. Select the appropriate PF regional office. First 2-character of your PF number indicates the PF regional office. Like- if your PF account number is DL/12345/6789 then choose DL as regional office code.

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5. Now, Fill online form with your name, Mobile number and then your PF account number. Like- if your PF account number is DL/12345/6789.

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In the first textbox, enter seven digits. As the set of number has only 5 digits-12345,Just add 00 before this.

In the next textbox, fill the three-digit establishment code or leave it blank if you do not know establishment code. Finally,enter the account number 6789 in the last box, and click on the submit button.

After some times you will receive an SMS that will show your EPFO account balance. This will only comes if your records are updated with the EPFO office.

How to check the PF Balance online

Note:- If your records are not updated with EPFO office then this website will show the message data not found. For updating the data please get in touch with your employer or wait a bit longer as the account balance is updated up to 31/3/2012. Enjoy:)

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