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New connection charges in Indane Gas - Indane Gas provides standard tariff for the new connections

Indane is one of the re-known LPG service provider in the India.

Indane always try to provide the good services to their customers. Customers can take new connection by applying through online or offline mode.

Below are the charges for taking new connection through the Indane -


S.N.Charges DescriptionCharges (in rupees)
1a. Security Deposit for 14.2 Kg Cylinder1450
 b. Security Deposit for 5 Kg Cylinder350
 c. Security Deposit for 19 Kg Cylinder1700
 d. Security Deposit for LOT Valve1500
 e. Security Deposit for 19 Kg Cylinder with LOT valve3200
 f. Security Deposit for 47.5 Kg Cylinder4300
 g. Security Deposit for 47.5 Kg Cylinder with LOT Valve5800
2Security Deposit for the Regulator150
3New connection Inspection charges (Hotplate)250
4Charges for Installation or Demonstration on time of taking the New Connections50
5Administrative charges for the release of DBC50
6Mechanic visit charges for the other than leakage complain75
7Administrative charges for the issuance of DGCC (also includes the cost of DGCC)50
8Mechanic charges (Mandatory inspection for domestic installation)75
9Replacement charges of Damaged Safety cap 2

For more details, Please visit the Indane Website


Indane Gas had started the Preferred Time Delivery for their customers. In Preferred Time Delivery scheme, Customers can get the cyclinder as per their choice of time and days.

For Preferred Time Delivery Charges, Please visit the Indane Gas Website.

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