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Apply for the Voter ID Card across the India in simple steps - Search your name in Voter List

As a responsible citizen of India, We have the responsibility to participate in the elections and choose the Government that can work for the development of India.

Now a days, We are seeing a lot of corruptions,inflations , de-valuation of rupees and so many other factors that are really very bad signal for the country.

Delhi Election 2015 - How to check your polling station address, booth number , part number for voting

There is only one thing that can save the country - i.e. power of your votes. So, Please participate in the elections and also encourage others to do the same.

I personally urge you to please do not give the below excuses -

- I did not get the leave to go to my hometown and participate in the election.
- I do not have the Voter ID Card to participate in the election.

Now a days, This is very simple to apply for the Voter ID Card in India-


Below are the simple steps for applying the Voter Card -

1. Visit the nearest electoral office and fill the Form 6.
Submit the form by attaching the the photo copy of Address Proof and ID proof.

2. Now, Electoral officer will do verification by visiting your address.

3. You will get your Voter ID Card to your address after few days if verification is completed.

You can track the status by visiting the state election commission website or through the toll free number.


Now a days some of the state election commission had started to accept the online application for the Voter ID Card.

Below are the steps for applying the Voter ID Card online (sample given for election commission website Delhi) -

How to online Apply the Voter ID in Delhi in simple and easy steps

Election Commission of India had started the separate website for every 28 states and 7 central administrative states.

Below are the websites of the state election commissions across the India. You can apply online for the Voter ID , Search your name in Voter List or track the status of your Voter ID Card application. -

1. Andhra Pradesh
2. Arunachal Pradesh
3. Assam
4. Bihar
5. Goa
6. Gujarat
7. Haryana
8. Himachal Pradesh
9. Jammu & Kashmir
10. Karnataka
11. Kerala
12. Madhya Pradesh
13. Maharashtra
14. Manipur
15. Meghalaya
16. Mizoram
17. Nagaland
18. Orissa
19. Punjab
20. Rajasthan
21. Sikkim
22. Tamil Nadu
23. Tripura
24. Uttar Pradesh
25. West Bengal
26. Chattisgarh
27. Jharkhand
28. Uttarakhand

29. Andaman & Nicobar Islands
30. Chandigarh
31. Dadra & Nagar Haveli
32. Daman & Diu
33. NCT OF Delhi
34. Lakshadweep
35. Puducherry

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