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How to File an RTI Application Online | Suchana ka Adhikar | Filing RTI across India is easy

As we know that the standard procedure for filing the RTI Request was time-consuming. As one need to drop off a written request and also need to make the payment by visiting at a government office(Fee was around 10 rupees) or Need to purchase a money order and send a request via mail.

Both the processes were time consuming as we know that visiting the Government Offices in India means wasting our valuable time..

To overcome from above all the problems Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions in India had started the online portal for submitting the RTI request in very simple way.

Currently online RTI request is being accepted for the Central Government only. We hope that the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions will expand this service to the state Governments departmentsbin near near future.

One can file the RTI Request using below simple steps -

1. Visit the RTI online website.

2. Click on "Submit Request" link available on top of this website.

3. Next page will open . Please read the instructions carefully .

Now, select the checkbox "I have read and understood the above guidelines.".

Click on "Submit" button.

3. Next screen will be opened.

Select/Enter the following details -

- Select Ministry/Department/Apex body
- Select Public Authority
- Enter your name personal details like- gender, address, phone/email
- Select if you are in BPL. For this need to attach the proof of BPL.
If you are in BPL then you do not need to pay the fee.

- Enter the Text for the RTI application request
- Attach the supporting documents if required
- Enter the security code

4. Click on "Submit" button.

5. Now, Payment screen will be opened.

You need to make the payment of 10 rupees. Below payment options are available -

- Internet Banking
- ATM-cum-debit-Card of SBI
- Credit Card or Debit Card

After the successful payment you will get the registration number.

You can check the status of your RTI Request in future through online using the below link -

View the status of the RTI Request online

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