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How to update your Mobile Number or Landline Number with the Bharat Gas

Bharat Gas customers can easily update their Mobile Number or Landling Numbers with the Bharat Gas.

Updating the latest Mobile Number or Landline Number with the Bharat Gas will provide following benefits to the customers -

- Customers can book the Bharat Gas refill cylinder through the SMS

- Customers can create the online Login and Password for the online refill booking and availing other facilities.

- Customers can use the IVRS refill booking facility of the Bharat Gas.

Customers can update their Mobile Number or Landline Numbers using following easy steps -

1. Download the Form for updating the Mobile/Landling Number from the below link and take the print out.

Bharat Gas Mobile Number/Landline Number update form

2. Write your Consumer Number, Consumer Name , Mobile Number and Landline Number.Please do Signatures on the form.

3. Submit this form to your Bharat Gas distributor.

Now, your Mobile Number and Landline number will be updated with the Bharat Gas.

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