Sunday, June 23, 2013

How to save the LPG or cooking gas ; How to Make your cooking gas last longer

As the cost of everything is increasing day by day due to the inflation in the market. Now , this is really required to follow some steps to decrease our expenses for survive yourself from the impact of inflation.

We know that we cannot survive fully ourself from the inflation but we can save a few pennies by using some important steps. The rates of LPG are increasing by the day due to the inflation , increase of cost of LPG in international markets and due to decrease of the values of the rupees in the international market.

If we compare the current rates of the LPG with 1-2 years back its almost double. Indian Government had also added the cap on the use of the LPG subsidies cylinders. We need to pay almost double amount if we are going beyond the cap limit. So, in this scenario we can save some amount of the LPG by following the below suggestions -

- Use as little liquid as possible in cooking pot. Like - use as little water in the pot as possible. This will save some time and quantity of LPG.

- Always try to cover the vessel properly while cooking any dishes. Covering vessels properly will close the pot that will reduce the quantity of evaporation going out. So, dishes will be ready in less time that will save the LPG.

- Always use the smallest vessels on small burner for the cooking. As the small burners save around 15% LPG gas compare to large burner.

- Always match the burner with the vessels using for the cooking. This will reduce the heat going outside.

- Also try to eat together in a family at the Family that eats together saves the cooking gases.

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