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India's Dancing Superstar - Vote online for your favourite Dancing Superstar

India's Dancing Superstar dancing reality show premiered by the famous entertainment channel Star Plus channel on 27 April 2013.

India’s Dancing Superstar is a dancing reality show that is bringing the talent together across the country in one platform. This show is unique and it has a very flexible rulebook. In India's Dancing Superstar there is no limit to the age or dance style.

One can perform individually or in a group in the India's Dancing Superstar reality show.

The Judges of the India's Dancing Superstar dancing reality show are Geeta Kapoor (a famous choreographer from the Bollywood), Reteish Deshmukh (the famous actor in the Bollywood ) and Ashley Lobo ( a choreographer who has own dance academy).

This show is hosted by the known anchors Aishwarya Sakhuja and Ravi Dubey.

The judges give the Sapno ka Ticket to the participants selected during the Dance Trials.

After the Dance trials in Super 60 Judges gives the Sahas Ka Ticket to the participants. In the next competition of India's Dancing Superstar the judges will give the Stardom Ka Ticket in the face-off round.

In India's Dancing Superstar around 67 thousand contestants in the 5-75 years of age group from across the 18 cities had participated.

Audiences can vot to their favourite India's Dancing Superstar online using the Star Plus official Website. On Star Plus website just you need to select your favourite dancing star and click on "Vote Now" button to confirm your voting.

India's Dancing Superstar dancing reality show is airs on Star Plus on Saturday and Sunday at 9 PM.

How to vote online for your best India's Dancing Superstar

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