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How to book the Indian Railway train ticket through SMS ; Book IRCTC train ticket by SMS in two steps using 139

Indian Railway had launched the SMS train ticket booking service using the two numbers - 139 and 5676714.

Now, IRCTC registered users can book the Indian Railway train ticket by simply sending an SMS to the numbers 139 and 5676714. We hope that this service will provide better service to the customers.

Registered IRCTC users can book the Indian Railway train tickets through the SMS using the below simple steps (for number 139) -

1. IRCTC Users need to send a SMS in below format through their registered Mobile Number to the IRCTC provided number 139.

BOOK <Train_No> <From_City> <To_City> <Travel_Date(DDMM)> <Reservation Class> <Passenger1_Name> <Age> <Gender> <Passenger2_Name> <Age> <Gender>

For example:-

BOOK 12557 BTH ANVT 1207 3A Manish 26 M Amrita 21 F

Note:- Maximum of 6 passengers ticket can be boooked by a single SMS.

If your SMS is valid then you will recieve an SMS from the number 139 with following unique parameters -

- Transaction ID
- Ticket Price Amount
- Service Charge Amount
- Total Amount to pay
- Availability of the seats

For example:-

TID: 2501368 Ticket Amount: 2150 Service Charges: 46 Total Amount: 2196 Seat: AVAILABLE- 0128. For Payment: SMS PAY <TID> IMPS <MMID> <OTP> IRCTC_UserID to 139

2. Now you need to send the SMS in below format for the payment of the ticket.

SMS PAY <transaction_details>

For example -

SMS PAY 2501368 IMPS <MMID> <OTP> Manish

After successful booking of the ticket you will recieve a message from 139 in below format.

Congrates!! Your ticket booked successfully. PNR is: 2342673901 Ticket No: :0272671774 Booking Status: Manish CONFIRM G1 56 WS Amrita CONFIRM G1 57 Ticket Amt: 2150 SC: 46 Src: Bettiah Dst: Anand Vihar Terminal Date of Journey: 12/07/2013 Sch Dep 14:40 hrs

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1. Ticket Booking with the Quota including Tatkal tickets and Concessions tickets are not available for SMS booking as of now.
2. Payment for the SMSm tickets booking can only be made through the IMPS service.

For more information, Please visit the website

How to cancel the Indian Railway or IRCTC train ticket through SMS

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