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How to remove the unused CSS from the website or web page

As we know that removing the unused CSS from our page is very good as this reduces the page size and that results in the reducing the Page Load time. This also provides a good impression on the search engines for our website.

Now, a day removing unused CSS from our website or web page is very easy. A few online websites provide this feature, here we can enter our website URL and they will give us the list of unused CSS. So we can easily remove these CSS one by one from our web page.

Some browsers are also providing this feature. Google Chrome has inbuilt feature for displaying the UnUsed CSS. We can also achieve the same in Mozila Firefox after installing some add ons.

Here is the easy way to identify the UnUsed CSS in our web page using the Google Chrome browser-

1. Open your Web Page in Google Chrome.

2. Open the Developer Toolbar in Google Chrome. Either by pressing Ctrl+ Shift + I are going through the Tools -> Developers Tools.

3. Now go to the "Audits" tab in Developer tools and click on "Run" button.

4. Now expand the "Remove unused CSS rules" and see the list of unused CSS.

Now, you can easily remove these unused CSS from web page one by one.

Here are few other options to remove the unused the CSS from your website. You can used any one from the below list.-

1. Visit the , Provide your website URL and press Go to see the list of unused CSS in your website.


2. Visit the, Provide your website URL and hit the "Detect unused CSS rules" to get the list of unused CSS in your website.

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