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How to link your Aadhaar Card Number with your Bank Account - LPG connection

As we know that now Government of India is starting the Direct Cash Subsidy scheme for the citizens in India. In Direct Cash Subsidy scheme the subsidy amount will be credited to the consumer account automatically.

How to update Aadhaar Card number with ICICI Bank account

The Indian government had already started this scheme in few parts of the country and we hope this will be expanded to the entire country in the coming days. So, Now it is required for us to link our AAdhaar Card with our Bank Account for getting the subsidy.

Before this, Please update your Aadhaar Card Number with your LPG service provider.

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How to update Aadhaar Card number with ICICI Bank account

Linking the Aadhaar Card Number with the Bank account is very easy. One can follow the below steps to link the Aadhaar Card number with their Bank Account -

1. Take the print out of this application form.

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2. Fill your Bank Name and Branch Address on the form.

3. Write your Bank Account Number , Full Name and Address.

4. Write your Aadhaar Card Number and select the Gender.

5. Now, write your Mobile Number and sign on the application form with current date.

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Now, submit this form to your Bank Branch. After a few days your Aadhaar Card Number will be linked to your Bank Account and you can enjoy the benefit of the Direct Cash Subsidy scheme.

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  1. i dont hve account in mysore,so can i link my adhaar card in bellary,where i hve account in sbi and corporation bank.

  2. Can I connect joint account with Aadhaar card for getting gas Subsidy amount

  3. "aadhar number and consumer does not match" message shown after checking status of aadhar seeded correctly.

    how many days require to link aadhar no. with gas cosumer no. online

  4. kiran u can link your aadhar number in bellary either in sbi or corporation does nt matter but you must have a valid bank account in any parts of the country.

  5. i had submitted aadhar bank
    how to check status of that
    in bank submited or not

    1. You can call to your bank customer care or visit the branch.

  6. Go to Indane gas portal , give your consumer no and distributor . u will see the status

  7. how many days will it take to activate aadhar card for the gas subsidy by the bank
    i submitted aadhar card to the bank on friday .......

  8. how can i submitt aadhar at bank through

  9. How to link aadhar no online with account

  10. Let this government be voted out for imposing the bank account/aadhar and related problems with bank accounts upon the people, just like the previous government was voted out. Let them never come to power again.

  11. Like AADHAAR seeding with LPG, if there were a common platform in web for AADHAAR seeding in bank accounts, it would be easier for commoners.

  12. Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.

  13. My Aadhar card number update in my account in thi iob pudanchandai branch,namakkal,Tamilnadu.
    Aadhar number:685406070849

  14. How 2 connect aadahar card 2 SBI bank account? IS There date for Connection?


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