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How to download or print the UIDAI Aadhaar Card online

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) had started the new process for the people of India. Now, We can download or print the Aadhar Card online. As we know that the Aadhar Card is become valid ID and Address proof in most of the areas. It is becoming mandatory everywhere in government sectors.

Most of the banks are asking to update the Aadhar Card with saving accounts. Also we anyone wants to take the benefit of the Direct Cash Transfer scheme then Aadhar Card is mandatory for them. Now a day we can show the Aadhar Card as valid ID or address proof in all sectors of India.

We can download or print the Aadhar Card online by below simple steps -

1. Visit the UIDAI official website.

2. Enter the "Enrollment No. And Date Time" mentioned in your acknowledgement slip provided at the time of registration for Aadhar Card.

Enter your Resident Name and Pincode of the area where of your address provided in the Aadhar Card.

How to update Aadhaar Card number with ICICI Bank account

Now enter the text shown on the image correctly and press the Submit button.

3. Now enter the text shown on the image correctly and press the Submit button.

4. Now UIDAI will do verification on your provided mobile number. After submitting the details UIDAI will show your last four digits of mobile number given on time of registration. If mobile number is correct then press "Yes" to continue and go to step 5.

If your mobile number is not correct then press "No", Now will get a chance to correct your mobile number with the UIDAi. You will get the OTP on new mobile number.

5. Now, enter the recieved OTP from the UIDAI to given textbox.

6. Now UIDAI will provide a link to Download the Aadhar Card. Enjoy:)

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