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Bharat Gas LPG subsidized cylinder usage check online ; Check LPG Gas refill cylinders consumption

Bharat gas provides the transparency portal to their customers for checking the total consumption of subsidized or non-subsidized cylinders in a particular financial year.

The main goal of the Bharat Gas Transparency Portal is to provide the citizens of India the information on the number of Bharat Gas consumers (distributor wise) and the number of the Bharat Gas refills availed by the Bharat Gas customers in a particular year.

As we know that the Domestic LPG cylinder is a subsidized item and the subsidy of this is borne by Indian Government and the national Oil Marketing Companies in the India.

Customers can check the consumption and avail the cylinder accordingly as we know that after the usage of the subsidized LPG cylinders customer needs to buy the LPG cylinder on market price and this price is almost double.

For checking the consumption of your Bharat Gas cylinder you need to follow the below list -

1. Visit the Transparency Portal section of the Bharat Gas website.

2. You can either use the "Quick Search" or "Normal Search" to view the data.

Use the Normal Search and select your state , District and Your distributor.

3. Now select the Financial Year and consumer type as "Domestic" and click on "Proceed" button.

4. Next Page will be opened that will display the list of consumers available under your distributor.

Find your name and consumer number from the list, Now you will be able to view the number of LPG cylinders you have used in selected financial year.. Enjoy:)

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