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Basic safety tips for the LPG or cooking gas users ; LPG gas cylinder safety tips

Liquefied Petroleum Gas or LPG also called as GPL, LP Gas, liquid petroleum gas or propane or butane. Most commonly this is called as the cooking gas.

LPG is a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon gases that are being used as the fuel for heating appliances and vehicles.

As this is a flammable kind of gas that are very sensitive. AS, We use the LPG cylinder in our kitchen regularly, We should follow the below basic safety tips for using the LPG or cooking gas cylinder -

- Keep the LPG or cooking gas cylinder in vertical position always and away from any sources of the heat or naked flame.

- Always remember to shut down the LPG cylinder valve when the gas stove is not in use.

- Please do not temper your cylinder or any attached equipment ever.

- Always make sure that the installation of all parts is in good condition. If you find any parts in wrong condition then contact your distributor and ask for the mechanic.

- It is advisable to wear the cotton cloths while working in the kitchen. Do not use the duppatta to handle the any utensils in the kitchen. Advise to wear an apron if possible.

- Keep your children away from the installation while you are cooking in the kitchen.

- Never leave any hotplate "ON" and in unattended mode.

- The gas stove burners can extinguish by the overflow of cooking material that results in the gas leak. That could result in fire, So take care of this.

- Always place the handle of the vessels from the side away from the flame that will save the handle from the heat.

- Keep the plastic items away from the kitchen stove.

- Get your tube changed whenever it looks damaged. As a rule at least replace the rubber tube after every 2 years.

- Keep the safety caps always over the unused cylinders.

- While taking the delivery of your second cylinder, Please make sure that it is checked by the connecting to the regulator.

If you get the smell of LPG Gas from your cylinder then do not be panic. Please do the below things -

- Turn the regulator knob to the OFF position.

- Put off all the fires in the kitchen including light, agarbatti, puja lamps etc.

- Open all the doors and windows for the ventilation. If possible put the cylinder in open area.

- Do not operate the electric switches or dry cell torches as they generate the spark while switching on or off.

- Call to your distributor or emergency number of your LPG provider company to change the valve or replace your cylinder.

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