Thursday, May 16, 2013

How to watch the live cricket ( Domestic,International and IPL ) online

Now a days, a lot of cricket matches are happening around the world and day by day cricket is getting more popular .

Before a decade Test Cricket was a popular game in the world but slowly it looses it's popularity due to longer-format and one-day cricket came into the popularity.

But now same thing happening with the one day cricket.. one day cricket is loosing their popularity and people are enjoying the 20-20 format of the cricket. These all are happening because now a days everyone is busy with their work, So most of the people could not find the time to sit and watch the matches at their home.

To overcome this problem few websites are providing the facility to watch the cricket online. We can view the matches even we are in the journey or outside the home where television is not available.

We can also watch the live cricket matches on our mobile if it has an internet connection.

Websites are providing the facility to watch all of the cricket matches happening around the world like- IPL, world cup, champions trophy, tri-series and all other international matches.

We can refer few websitess for watching the live cricket - - For all type of cricket matches - For IPL matches

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