Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How to reset the Google Apps password for your website in simple steps

Sometimes we stuck on resetting the password of google apps. We try to login into our admin panel but it does not work.
We try to reset the google apps password but we enter our primary email address and google resets our primary email

Google provides the simple and easy way to reset our Google Apps password.

Below are the steps for resetting the Google Apps password-

1. Open the URL

Like- if my domain is then URL for me will be

2. The next screen will open, that will ask for entering the username/password.

If you are logging first time then your username will be "bloggeradmin"

3. Now click on "Cannot access your account link".

4. The next screen will open that has an option for entering the username.

Select the radio button "I don't know my password".

Enter your full user name (combination of username and domain name).

Like -

Click on "Continue" button.

5. Next screen "Password Information for " will open.

Now, click the link "reset your administrator password" link.

6. Now google will send a password reset link to your google/primary mail id.

Click on this password reset link.

7. Next screen will open that will ask for the New password.

Enter your new password and confirm it.

Now, you successfully reset your password.

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