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How to remove Blog Name from Blog Title, Meta Data and Page Title in Blogger

By default blogger adds the Blog Name in the blog title and the Page title shows the Blog Name instead of Post title.. This also creates a problem for meta info, As our post title appears in search result like- BLOG NAME : POST TITLE. We should remove the blog name from the page title to improve the search engine visibility.

This will add following benefits to our posts-

1. Number of characters in the page title will be reduced.
2. We can improve the user attention to our page. As sometimes users open a lot of pages and closes the irrelevant links by just seeing the title.
2. Our keyword will appear first.

For better search engine optimization (SEO), We can delete the blog name from page title/blog title.
We can use the below simple steps to remove Blog Name from blog title or page title-

1. Log-in to the blogger.
2. Click on your respective blog.
3. Click on "Template" link available on the left side.
4. Click on "Edit HTML".
5. Find the below text by pressing Ctrl + F.


6. Replace above text with below -

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
7.Now, click on "Save Template" button.

Your changes successfully done.

Now you will see the correct post title is appearing in the page title of specific post.

Note:- Changes in Search Result will reflected after few days,When google will re-crawl your website.

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