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KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) 7 season 2013 first round registration schedule

KBC season 7 registration is starting from the 27th May 2013 to June 06, 2013.

KBC season 7 launched with the big jackpot price of 7 crore

This show will be broadcasted by the Sony from the end of August or starting with the September 2013. Again this show will be hosted by the famous Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan.

KBC ( Kaun Banega Crorepati ) season 7 ; KBC 2013 idea pass registration questions

Last year KBC 6 season 2012 registration was started from May 28 2012, from 9:00 P.M. Until June 7 2012 10:59:59 P.M.

A total of 10 unique questions will be asked in the first round.

In 2011, around 44 lakh applications were received from the KBC registration in audition held in 10 cities in India. Only around 20 thousand was selected in this with a ratio of 220 : 1.

In 2012, It was 375 : 1 and only around 2000 participants were selected in the final round with the ratio of 2200 : 1.

Obviously in 2013, this ratio may go up..

Below is the schedule for the first round registration of KBC season 7, 2013 -

S.N.Lines open(IST)Lines close(IST)
 Date TimeDateTimeQuestions
127-May-20139.00 PM28-May-20138:59:59 PMQuestion 1
228-May-20139.00 PM29-May-20138:59:59 PMQuestion 2
329-May-20139.00 PM30-May-20138:59:59 PMQuestion 3
430-May-20139.00 PM31-May-20138:59:59 PMQuestion 4
531-May-20139.00 PM01-Jun-20138:59:59 PMQuestion 5
601-Jun-20139.00 PM02-Jun-20138:59:59 PMQuestion 6
702-Jun-20139.00 PM03-Jun-20138:59:59 PMQuestion 7
803-Jun-20139.00 PM04-Jun-20138:59:59 PMQuestion 8
904-Jun-20139.00 PM05-Jun-20138:59:59 PMQuestion 9
1005-Jun-20139.00 PM06-Jun-20138:59:59 PMQuestion 10

So, try your luck in the KBC and Hope for the best:) Good luck..

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