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How to lodge the FIR (First Information Report) or NCR (Non-cognizable Report)

There are two kind of offences name cognizable offcence and non-cognizable offence.

A cognizable offence is a criminal offence in which the police is empowered to register an FIR, investigate, and arrest an accused without a court issued warrant.

A non-cognizable offence is an offence in which police can neither register an FIR, investigate, nor effect arrest without the express permission or directions from the court.

How to report loss of articles or documents online with Delhi Police

If we lost our purse,mobile,sim or any other valuable documents then we can give the application in the police station. Police officer will take the complain and give us the NCR(Non-cognizable Report) that will be helpful if someone misusing our documents or if we want to apply for the duplicate copy of our documents.

Below are the steps to lodge the NCR(Non-cognizable Report) -

1. Go to the nearest police station (police station of the area where you loose your document/purse/mobile etc).

2. Write a application to the SHO on blank paper mentioning the details of event.(2 copies of the application required).

For Example -

Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi Date - 05-May-2013


--- here mention the event like- time,area where you lost your purse/mobile etc...---
--- list of documents and any other valuable things you lost---

---here request him to issue the NCR for the same.---

--Write your address/name/mobile---.

Note:- If you lost your Driving license then they will ask you for the NOC from the Transport Department. For verification if your DL is not taken by Transport Department or in court.

3. Police on duty will do the Police Diary entry for the same and will provide you the stamped copy of the application with the DDR Number.

4. Now, Show this application to the person available in the computer room of police station.

5. He will file the NCR and will give you the printout of the same.

This will contains NCR number, DDR Number, list of documents and event description and other details.

Now, use the photocopy of this for applying your new documents.

How to view or check the status of FIR online

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    1. Thankfulk if you can give tips to request to file FIR to police station for cognizable offence committed u/s 385, 420, 34, 120A, 120B of IPC. Can I file it in the P.S. nearby my residence. I am senior citizen.


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