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How to register a complain for the Do Not Disturb or DND service in India

If you have activated the DND service on your mobile/phone and you got the confirmed registration for Do Not Disturb (DND) service from the NDNC/NCPR registry but if you are still getting the Unsolicited Commercial Calls (UCC) then you should raise a complaint for the same.

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You need to complain to your service provider for Unsolicited Commercial Calls (UCC).
As we know that TRAI or NDNC Registry does not take any complaints directly and this is the responsibility of your service provider to take the complaint and help the customers.

To complain to the service provider you need to write the below text message and send it to 1909

COMP TEL NO XXXXXXXXXX;dd/mm/yy;hh:mm;short description to 1909

Here XXXXXXXXXX is the number against you are complaining or the sender code in case of bulk SMS without a number. The next two are dating and 24-hour time at which you received the unsolicited message or call. At the end, add a short description of the call you received.

For example - COMP TEL NO 9000000000;31/01/12;16:45; ABC company for buying a new car

Alternatively, You can also call to the 1909 and register a complaint. This is an IVR number and you need to follow the instruction for registering the complaint.

You can also check the status of your complaint online by providing the Unique Complaint Number-

Check the Status of the complainants for DND

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