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How to create the Facebook page for your website or company

Nowadays, We had a lot of options to promote our website. A very good and easy platform for promoting our website are social networking websites like- google plus, Facebook, twitter and linked-in.

We can share our posts to the social networking sites and also adds some plugins from these sites to our website. A lot of people are now a days adding the Facebook "likes" button to their website for promotion.

Here are the simple steps for creating a Facebook page for your website -

1. Visit the Facebook website -

2. Click on "Create a Page" link available at the bottom.

3. Now click on "Company, Organization or Institution" section.

4. Choose your website category from the list of options available in the dropdown.

5. Enter your company name in the given textbox. (First character of the name should be a capital letter).

6. Select the checkbox "I agree to Facebook Page Terms". Please also read the Facebook Page Terms carefully.

7. Now, click on "Get Started" button.

8. Now, Sign up for the Facebook account if you do not have Facebook account yet.

If existing user then click on "I already have a Facebook account" link and login to the Facebook.

9. Now enter the description of your company and website URL.

If this is a real organization, school or government then select "Yes" else "No".

Click on "Save Info" button.

10. Now you can upload the picture of your company/organization you want else you can Skip.

11. Now enter a unique Facebook web address for your company/organization to make it easier for people to find your Page.

Like for me it is - Einfoportal

So, page URL will be -

Now click on "Set Address" button to complete the steps.

12. Now Facebook will ask to advertise your page on Facebook. This is a paid service.

Click on "skip" button to skip this step.

Now your Facebook page is created successfully. You can promote the same by liking it and sending the invitation to your friends.

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