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How to add Facebook like page or button to your blogger website

Facebook provides the ability for its users to "Like" any content on the internet and that will be posted on the users' walls. It helps us to promote our website.

This facility provides us to share the content and also responds about our readership traffic of the content.

Below are the steps to add the Facebook "like" button to our blogger blog -

1. First create a Facebook Page for your website.

Click Here for - How to create a Facebook page for your website

For example -

2. Now, Visit the Developer page on the Facebook -

3. Click on the "Doc" link available on the top.

4. Click on the "Social Plugins" available on the top-left side.

5. Now click on the "Like Button" displayed as first item in the list.

6. The next page will be displayed. Now, Scroll down the page and enter your Facebook page URL in the given textbox.

Click on the "Get Code" button.

7. Now a pop up will be opened.

In HTML5 tab, It contains 2 HTML sections.

Copy above HTMLs and login to the blogger and open your blog.

8. Click on the "Lyaout" menu available on the left-bottom side and then add a HTML/Javascript widget where you want to show the Facebook "Like".

9. Now paste the both HTMLs to this widget. You can change the width of the div available the second HTML if you want to display at side bar.

10. Save the "Layout" changes.
Now, You will be able to Facebook "like" on your website.

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