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UCO Bank - Add Payee or Beneficiary for money transfer

UCO bank provides facility to transfer money online in easy steps.

For online money transfer through the UCO bank, first we need to add the Payee/beneficiary in our account using UCO bank website.

Below are the steps for adding beneficiary/payee in UCO bank account-

1. Login to Personal Banking section of UCO bank website using your login credentials.

After successful login you will be redirected to your account section.

2. Now click on "Fund Transfer" link available on the top.

3. Click on "RTGS/NEFT Fund Transfer" link available on the left side.

4. Now click on "Add a Beneficiary" link.

5. Next screen will be displayed -

Enter the Beneficiary Name that is available in bank records.

Enter the Beneficiary Nick name for your reference.

Select beneficiary bank name.

Enter the branch IFSC Code or Branch Name and click on "Get Branch" button.Next screen comes now select your branch and click on OK button.

Enter the Beneficiary Account number and click on "Confirm Account" button. Now enter the account number again for re-confirmation.

Select the Account Type.

Now click on "Add Beneficiary" button

6. Next screen will be displayed.

Now confirm the all entered details and select the checkbox "I have read..." and click on "Authorise pay now" button.

7. Now UCO bank will send an OAC code via SMS or email to you. Enter this code in below screen and click on "OK" button.

8. Now Beneficiary is sucessfully added to your account. You can enjoy the fund transfer.:)

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  1. How to transfer fund in the other account of the same bank that is uco bank to uco bank

    1. Using the same approach as mentioned above.

  2. same query.... no option is given for the i suppose...?

  3. Is their option to transfer money to another account holder of uco bank?

    1. Using the same approach as mentioned above.

  4. i cant find HDFC0003782 in the list of selectable branches. Most of HDFC branches are missing in the list. What kind of madness is this?

    1. Try again to find this, You can also try using State/City/Branch name..

      As I have verified through http://goinfo.in/Home/BankSearch this is a valid bank branch of HDFC Bank.

  5. i know only union bank a/c number. so, how i can add benificary in uco ebanking ?

  6. How to transfer money from uco bank to uco bank as uco bank is not listed in bank name under add beneficiary.


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