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Top 7 reasons to wear a Seat Belts to save yourself in case of accidents

Wearing the seat belt is an effective way to minimize the injuries during the accident.It will ensure to save our life. It is simple way to ensure maximum safety if we wear it properly.

The shoulder belt should go over our shoulder not under the arms and it should be closely attached to our body. If worn incorrectly it could crush our ribs or causes injuries in our internal organs.The Lap belt should be low over our hips not across the stomach.

Here are the top 7 reasons to wear a seat belts-

Protect Collision of head/face on windshield

Our face is always likely to hit the windshield if we are not wearing the seat belts.When we wear the seat belts it will stop our inertia.

Protect from throwing out from vehicle on collision

When we will wear the seat belt it will saves us from throwing out of vehicle on accident.

Saves from hitting the steering wheel

In case of small accidents or if collision doesn't have much force the chances that our forehead could heat the steering wheel. If wearing seat belts, it will holds us close to the chair that will save us from hitting the foreheads to steering wheel or dash.

Saves from banging each other

In some accidents it is observed that seat belts protects the driver and other passengers or vehicle parts from banging into each other that saves from serious injury.

Better survival rate

According to the National Highway Traffic Administrations wearing a seat belt increases the chances of surviving in an accident.

Better protection mechanism

Now a days the seat belts remain the number one vehicle safety device as companies are using the better new technologies and protection measures while making the seat belts.

Across the world it is Law

It is in law to wear the seat belts across the world. Not wearing the seat belts is punishable offence.

If wearing a seat belt does not appeal to you,Please think once more about your dear ones who is waiting on the other side of your trip. They will be extremely sad if something happened with you as a result of not wearing the seat belts.

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